Hello! My name is Tina,

and I’m an artist-illustrator living and working out of the swamps in lower Alabama. I say ‘I draw stuff’ because drawing is my comfy space (and part of at least one degree), but I also paint, build and photograph miniatures, and occasionally play with animation. There’s something really liberating about working with multiple mediums, about letting ideas grow outside of the confines of their initial start and not getting bogged down by the outdated idea that an artist should only ever have one area of focus. That’s not to say that the painter who only paints is doing the art thing wrong; it’s just that that line of thinking has never worked for me.

I draw a lot of inspiration from fairy-tales and other storytelling modes, especially as they pertain to tradition and personal identity. Who we identify with in a story, how we take in stories, their short-and-long term effects on us, and the conversations therein fascinate me.

Currently I hold an MFA in Intermedia Studies [2017] and a BFA in Painting & Drawing [2013], and work as a freelance illustrator while providing home care for my elderly parents.