Exhibition Poster


Death Drives a Cadillac is a 28-page gray-scale comic book detailing three select adventures of a ‘Death’ figure and her teenage passenger. Dee, the not-that-grim-Reaper has come to collect Kiddo after the teen’s successful suicide, and offers something of a redemption dressed up in postmortem bureaucracy. A Reaper can do more than just collect souls and deliver them to judgement, after all.

This project was a long time in the making: a buddy-cop/road trip movie and conversation with my younger self that began some ten years before I put pen to tablet to try and get at least some part of it down. As an academic exercise it was an exploration of female character design and relationships in illustration media; in particular the shortcomings of the established codices within mainstream and independent media. Death Drives a Cadillac is the culmination of my graduate exploration in storytelling and illustration, and I’m happy to share both the outcome and the paper with you who are reading this today. Just remember:

Death is only the beginning.

Read the comic here, or buy a copy here!

Read the thesis write-up here!